Cabinet Organizer

  1. Mixer/Appliance Lift Mechanism without Shelf - Fits Best in B18FHD or B24FHD
    Special Price $165.32 Regular Price $206.65

    You Save $41.33(20%)

    • Can be used with many different widths with a minimum base cabinet frame opening of 12-1/2"
    • Full-height cabinet required
    • Heavy Duty Lift (Assist) System
    • Simply supply your own custom shelf
    • Spring loaded system gently brings small appliances to counter height
    • Product Dimension - Depth - 22-1/2
    • Finish: Wire
    • Product Dimension - Height - 20-5/8
    • Product Dimension - Width - 12 to 24
  2. Rollout Shelf Installation Kit
    Special Price $37.10 Regular Price $148.40

    You Save $111.30(75%)

    Lily Anns rollout system allows you to easily add roll out shelves, even better this solution is easily adjustable, easy to install and durable. You can install up to 2 drawer shelves and can easily change the vertical location of shelves by simply moving the drawer slides along the vertical supports (pilasters).

Are you looking for additional organization for your cabinets? Cabinets can hold many things, like kitchen utensils, dishes, and cookware, but organizing them is another story entirely. It's easy for those things to get lost in the shuffle, and that's why investing in good cabinet organizers will make your life so much better.

What Kind of Cabinet Organizers are There?

There are cabinet organizers for all kinds of kitchenware. You can buy cabinets for trash cans, base cabinets to hold bottles and other things, dividers for drawers, mounts to hold cutting boards for the insides of cabinets, tray dividers, and much more. Browse through our selection and see the many ways you can make your kitchen more organized. Who knows, you might find something you didn't know existed, but now you can't live without.

Uses and Benefits of Cabinet Organizers

When you buy a cabinet organizer from Cabinet Showroom, you're making things easier for yourself in your kitchen. When you're busy cooking and working, that last thing you want to do is rummage through drawers and cabinets for that one specific thing. Organizers make life easier, and there are so many cabinets organization options you're guaranteed to find the exact piece of hardware that'll make your kitchen perfect.

Why Cabinet Organizers from Cabinet Showroom?

At Cabinet Showroom, we offer quality products for excellent prices. We're here for you every step of your cabinet shopping journey. Whether you want to ask us about your design or our prices, we'll provide you with top notch customer service. We use quality materials in all our products, and we guarantee you'll be happy with anything you purchase from us. Take a look at what we have to offer today, you won't regret it.