Cabinet Organizer

  1. Mixer/Appliance Lift Mechanism without Shelf - Fits Best in B18FHD or B24FHD
    Special Price $165.32 Regular Price $206.65

    You Save $41.33(20%)

    • Can be used with many different widths with a minimum base cabinet frame opening of 12-1/2"
    • Full-height cabinet required
    • Heavy Duty Lift (Assist) System
    • Simply supply your own custom shelf
    • Spring loaded system gently brings small appliances to counter height
    • Product Dimension - Depth - 22-1/2
    • Finish: Wire
    • Product Dimension - Height - 20-5/8
    • Product Dimension - Width - 12 to 24
  2. Rollout Shelf Installation Kit
    Special Price $37.10 Regular Price $148.40

    You Save $111.30(75%)

    Lily Anns rollout system allows you to easily add roll out shelves, even better this solution is easily adjustable, easy to install and durable. You can install up to 2 drawer shelves and can easily change the vertical location of shelves by simply moving the drawer slides along the vertical supports (pilasters).