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Floating Shelves

All About Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be customized to fit any kitchen or bathroom. They come in Charleston Linen, Shaker White, York Defined Gray and unfinished, and sizes range from 24” to 48”. No matter which cabinets or colors you choose, there will be a shelf that fits in your design.

Why Put Floating Shelves in your Kitchen and Bathroom

There are lots of benefits to placing floating shelves in your kitchen or bathroom. They can hold anything a cabinet can while saving space, they're modern and fit all designs, and they're easy to attach to the wall. All that's required is to find a space to place your shelf and attach it to the wall. They're also an affordable way to add more storage to your space, since they cost less than a whole cabinet and you can choose however many you want in your space. All in all, floating cabinets offer great flexibility in your design and décor, giving you more control over the look of your space.

What Can you Use Floating Shelves For

If you're looking for more places to put decorations in your kitchen or bathroom, floating shelves are perfect for this. They're great for displaying dishes or other decorative items because they are open. If you tried to display something on top of your cabinets it might be hard to see, not to mention hard to reach. But you can choose exactly where you want your floating shelves to go, making planning décor in your kitchen or bathroom much easier.

Why Cabinet Showroom Floating Shelves are the Best

When you buy from Cabinet Showroom, you're buying a quality product. All our shelves are made from solid birch and birch plywood, and they can support 15 lbs. per running foot. In addition to offering a quality product, Cabinet Showroom is proud to offer you quality customer service. You can call us with questions about your bathroom or kitchen design, or about prices and putting together your cabinets. Shop our selection of floating cabinets and add a little extra storage to your kitchen or bathroom today!